Sunday, December 12, 2010

Got my DS Up and Running

Well I have a DSlite with an iTouch 2 flashcart. This flashcart is made by m3adapter. The problem is that the M3 team apparently lost their source code to all of their firmwares, so basically the firmware I was using dated back to September. I then tried to load Super go. The intro kept looping due to some Anti-Piracy measures put in the game. I looked for an update to my firmware (at this time I didn't know of M3's epic failure) and it was the same that I had already been using. Then, I find out about this fail and I want to throw a brick at my iTouch 2. So eventually I found out that GBAtemp user gaboros ported WoodR4 to the M3 adapter series! I was very happy, and tried it out and it worked. Then, I got sick of the hassle of having to load the wood.nds file thru iTouchDS firmware to start it every single time. I remembered that I used to use a Quad-Boot on my iTouch a loong time ago when I first got it. I thought I could mod it to use Wood and YSMenu, another firmware that has top-notch game compatibility but an ugly GUI, so after about 2 hours work I got the Quad-Boot to automatically boot to iTouch, boot to Sakura when I hold B at boot-up, boot to Wood when I hold X at boot-up, and boot to YSMenu when I hold Y at boot-up. It works great! I'm so happy that I was able to do this.

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